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Team Photo Cassie Jones Abigail Boag Coaches Award 9th April Coaches Award 16th April Coaches Award 23rd April Coaches Award 30th April Coaches Award 7th May Hammondville Park Hammondville Park Winning the final Team Photo The A Team! Goalllll!!!! it is all about the oranges! Getting ready to score What a great team! Javier and L12s Minus Rachel , Emma , Sam. Liverpool vs Fairfield Charity Match 2012  5-0 win to Livo :) go girls..... :) Liverpool vs Fairfield Charity Match 2012  5-0 win to Livo :) Liverpool vs Fairfield Charity Match 2012  5-0 win to Livo :) What do you call that?!?!? Liverpool vs Fairfield Charity Match 2012  5-0 win to Livo :) U14 NSW State Cup Winners 2012 U5 A/B Budgies U5 Budgies A/B U5 A/B Budgies Dirty Player of the Week Award First Game against Bringelly Won 13-2 Bottom Field Field 3 swimming pool Working hard Thinking about working hard. Bottom fields Brad representing Liverpool in the challenge match Oh Not Again!! U6 MN v Mounties 30 Jul More good defence from MSSC Depth............ Attacking Down the Wing Back heel out of trouble, great follow on attack!! It's a Goal................. Man of the Match - Liverpool Vs Fairfield Charity Match Snr Challenge Cup Match Liverpool Vs Fairfield Liverpool Fairfield Challenge There's a magnet in that ball and net........... 50 / 50 ball Team Photo U11-1 Teamwork U11-1 Tom making a break for it U11-1 Aidens penalty kick U11-1 Hamodeh's first to the ball U11-1 Nice pass Aaron U11-1 Harry's header U11-1 Great save by Jared U11-1 State Cup grandfinal U11 Div 1 first match 2011 U11-1 Blakes top tackle U11-1 Nice throw in Rafi U11-1 Antonio at his best U11-1 Josh is ready to save that goal U11-1 First game of the season U11-1 Go Jamie U11-1 Go Lachlan U11-1 Great work Rafi & Antonio U11-1 Nice one Steven U11-1 Gianni makes a break Reds under Pressure... Player of the Week Coming through somehow, even with hands & arms Passing through the eye of a needle Team Work..! Pressure again by the Blues... Blues, almost got the ball through, cut out by No8 Red Turning defence into attack? Outstanding Skills & Sportsmanship It's a Goal........ It's in the net this time Dancing with the ball................ No17 through with No20 supporting & No12 going wide 1st attack of the day, Defensive practice for M/N At pace this way.....; keep up Great game; see you next season Good Sports Cencentration No it not a goal, saved.... Look out I'm coming through!! David & Goliath...... First this way; then _______? Oi Shirt Pulling Isn't In! Cornered !! 1st Big Clearance 2 v 1, but in on goal Defend as well as attack End of the Game :( Thanks, a good game You could throw a blanket over the Blue's defence Ref !, he's all over me again There's more than one way to goal Quick change time, LH coming in for a drink & Sub Let's do it this way... Is it Can Can time again? Time on the Ball What's Your Rush You 3 rush the ball, and I'll pick up the pieces Which way?? Please Give Us the Ball 1 v 1 No17, You're in the Clear Looking Ahead It's Going To Be Close... Get That Ball !! 3 on 1, we've got this Your Ball! Talk Tactics Spot the Ball More than looking on - support play....(9 Jul) 4 v 2 Am I the only one playing? Here we go again There must be some way through here.......... Want some help with that kick?? Watch the 'Blue' one out wide There's the Goal............!!!!!! Step over or through the legs No20, you're through again........ No15; No easy push over!! I'm there if you need me 4 on 1 off - change time Goal at Your Mercy Eye on the Ball !! That's early pressure, but we'll cope..... Concentration Here we go another break! The greatest supporters in the League, always cheering!! Dedicated without them we have no Team! Our boys! Our coach is funny! Team mates... GO Cameron!! we love our oranges at half time! the most important role of the coach! Oscar U6 MN & Bonnyrigg FC It's my Ball !! Here They Come ! Yep it's our Ball !!! I'm in support if you need me. If we surround him, there's no way past......hopefully One of our Coaches Recieves his hard earned Coaching Certificate All Eyes on the Ball It's staying in play Your not scoring this end!! Go No20 'Your through on Goal' Great Score Take a Break.....Take a KitKat!!! GoooaaaAAAL "Harry - Your Ball", Jahru & Calum in Support Kobe & Jordan - "It's My Ball" Kobe & Jordan - "It's My Ball" 1 v 7 Get That Ball! Kobe's 1st Big Break of the Day This is the first Team Photo still short a couple of Players Grand Final Winners Beau, Brayden and Josh in action Team of Champions Under 8 Kennedy Gold 2001 Blast From The Past Practice for the under 17s Semi Final what a team we have taken the number one spot what a team Nicco shows his fitness Eros in attack mode Haseeb finds a gap No Bingo Nicco closes the wing Hope the Ref is not around Mustapha, Nicolas & Haseeb enjoy a game of juggle with the Bull's Capt Mustapha, Nicolas & Haseeb enjoy a game of juggle with the Bull's Capt Eoin clears the ball Joshua takes on the Bull's Centre Forward James makes a big throw James watches his big throw in Joshua launches the ball Daniele clears the ball Lucas rushes in for a tackle Haseeb finds a gap Conor clears the ball no match here for Haseeb Eoin and Eros close on the the ball Barry Donnelley KO Pre Grand Final Team Shot Round 4 Round 5 Round 5 Round 5 Roound 5 Round 5 Round 5 Round 5 Round 4 Round 4 Round 4 Round 5 Round 5 Round 4 ....not sure about this one...could be baseball.... Third goal for moorebank makes it 3-2 Nico slips away and finds some free space James makes a saving head 3-3  against last year's permiers...not bad guys Big heart makes up for this guy's height Conor leaves the field, only to recover...tough kid "my history assignment is due, can you help?" 14/1's celebrate after Eros' remarkable goal too much speed. Must be the boots. 6 Seconds before scoring a goal The man in the middle... Eros on his own James and Nico close up the gap Steve calls "man on" to Eoin.... ....yes we do enjoy soccer..... Conor is not bothered by the size difference Last man.... Darcy Pullen player of the week 10/4 Nathan Chandler player of the week 17/4 Ben Robinson player of the week 15/05 Peter player of the week 01/05 Josh player of the week 08/05 Jett player of the week 08/05 Leo Beau Walker player of the week 01/05 Carlos Higa player of the week 08/05 TRISTAN SAUER How to take a penalty Luke Scores Jeremy starts the dance party Geronimo Jared The Rock Isaac the Invincible James the Avenger Jester Josh the Gatekeeper Lachlan the Braveheart Michael the Magic Thomas The Terminator Gelignite Jordan the Master Blaster Danieladinho the Deadly Jack The Juggernaut Blake The Lionheart Matt The Mauler Aaron the Awesome The Mighty U9-2 Mack Truck Moorebank Hawks Andrew, Nathan and Ethan - great move Andrew Watch out Andrew Thomas leading the way... Go Thomas Go!!!! Go Nathan!!! Coaches watching on... Team Photo - Last Game Round 15 Christiano and Jonathon Rnd 14 - Player of The Week Aston Pritchard Warning up before the game - Rnd 13 Rnd 13 - Player of The Week Jonathon Mayorga U6 Budgies Yellow Matthew and Thomas presented with their awards for Rnd11 and 12 Rnd 11 - Player of the Week Thomas Barrington Rnd 12 - Player of the Week Matthew Handley Darcy Pullen Player of the week 18/07/09 Man of Match Man of Match Man of Match Frank & Dee Rob & Ruth BEN ROBINSON PLAYER OF THE WEEK 11/07/09 Rnd 10 - Player of the Week Thomas Denford Christiano, Matthew and Thomas heading for the Goals Thoams about to kick a GOAL!!!!! Thomas, Jonathon and Ethan heading back to half way Interchange Bench - All keen and ready to go! Aston, Andrew Nathan and Ethan waiting for the ball Rnd 10 - Player of the Week Nathan Condi Winners are Grinners!! Official Team Photo Winners are grinners !! A pep talk from coach Joshua on his way to stardom! The boys ready for their first Friendly game 40th Anniversary Player of the week Danny Luccitti Having Fun after the game Rnd 9 - Player of the Week Andrew Abela Cooper Hall Great Game and Hat Trick Zoe Walker Player of the week 27/06/09 Take One Scott... Giggles Power Add Water... Voila! Ouch The Perfect Tackle Jeremy-Goal Scoring Machine Marissa Scores Celebration Time Hurdling Practice Our Speed Machine Moorebank Water Polo Team Keeper Versus Keeper Sticks Is Away Team Huddle Nathan Scores Camera Shy Sammy K Scores "He Pushed Me Ref" Rhiannon Scores Rnd 8 - Christiano's new ball skills Rnd  8 - Half time a deserved water break Rnd 8 - Waiting to play Rnd 8 - Thomas starting play Rnd 8 - Thomas waiting to start play Rnd 8 - Where is the other team coach? Coach Michele given final game plan before kick-off Rnd 8 - Player Of the Week - Christiano Gallo Wet Winners are Grinners (MSC 14 Canley Hghts 2) NATHAN CHANDLER. PLAYER OF THE WEEK 20/06/2009 Player of the week Nathan Chandler Spot the ball - it's going back to half way!! Checking out the opposition!! Action from our match against the competition leaders. Away to Bonnyrigg - top of the table challenge It's all action at Bonnyrigg - great game! Darcy Pullen Player of the week 13/06/09 Rnd 7 - Enjoying the Game U9/4s in Action Go boys! Play on! On the Attack Rnd 7 Player of The Week - Ethan Thornton Round 7 Rnd 7 - Waiting for Team Leader to start play On the run... Rnd 7 - Great Defence Great Defence Interchange bench Bring it on.... 40th Ann Dinner player of the match 30/05/09 Round 6 Against Yellow Chipping Norton Round 6 Against Yellow Chipping Norton Logan, Joel and Lucas heading for Goal. Aren and Christopher heading for Goal The Mad Mack Truck Mighty Moorebank Hawks U9-2s player of the match 16/05/09 player of the match 18/04/09 player of the match 09/05/09 player of the match 02/05/09 1ST GOAL OF THE DAY U9 Div 2 - Blake Richards Lachlan & James Jack Aaron Jordan Thomas Man of the Match - Blake Jared Strickland Matt in action first game photos first game photos first game photos first game photos first game photos first game photos first game photos The boys before their first game first game photos first game photos first game photos first game photos first game photos first game photos first game photos first game photos first game photos first game photos semifinals grandfinal game chase that ball grandfinal game grandfinal game grandfinal game grandfinal game semifinals grandfinal game grandfinal game lauren scores hehe funny faces :D =) =) =) PLAYER OF THE WEEK 02/08/2008 DMac throws up Zoli fights for the line DMac's header DMac's fight for the line Brendan throws up Da boyz and da coach Tyrone vs kung fu panda All the boys potent and hungry in attack No wonder Football NSW are interested in him Trying hard to add to his season goal tally Repeat or Revenge as 30 MSC Dads go for GFinals Prolific Goal Scorer  this season James the winner of the post goal celebration this season Liam almost catches keeper of his line but still nets 5 Jacob nets 5 on the day including the thriller v Syd jrs Boys having fun after a great day and season for them The winner of the post goal celebration this season ISAAC WALKER PLAYER OF THE WEEK 26/07/08 NATHAN CHANDLER. PLAYER OF THE WEEK 19/07/08 The Bearded One Celebrates Dylan giving a big kick to the ball Alexander stopping the other team from scoring. Our Joeys One of Tyson's great goals. BEN ROBINSON PLAYER OF THE WEEK 28/06/08 Replay Sat @755am Foxsports 2 Ch503 @ 4.30PM next 2 Wed Football Stars Tommorrow First game of the season madhuri Tyrone's kick Brodie's kick Marc's kick John's kick Brendan's kick Matt's kick Indoor 22/6 Matt's kick Daniel Mac's kick Michael's kick Alex's kick Coach shows how it's done Wayne's close miss Peter's close miss Jim's close miss John's winning goal running hard Pat's kick ice skating run girl run we worked so hard after playin mounties, we are just too kwl, and always happy TRISTAN SAUER ZOE WALKER FLYNN TAYLOR CONNOR MCMARTIN great throw-in what a kick after playing and having fun ice skating she looks puffed in action watching hard shes yellow..=] during our game hayleys socks fell look at us girls, even keiran how pretty As At 1 June 2008 What does R1 Dejavu mean? Great Team and Individual efforts by all boys in 08 Game plan....Gone wrong. Updated game plan...just for Glenn Updated game plan...just for Glenn JT on the burst Coaching can be lonely What happened next? Michael's penalty Zoli's leg extensions Nursery Budgies Gold Joshua on the way to score his goal. Blake gave a good boot to the ball whilst in goals One of Tyler's goals Matt sending it up the fi Tyrone in the midfield Oooh! It's a birdie! Michael turning it around M&M Timmy scoring a goal 12/04/08 Independent tests show youth and good lucks makes for a winning team A Great Brodie scores after a 5 year drought Goal It's Matt vs long grass Love the left foot! At the sixty minute mark, old men always need a good lie down "Honestly Sir, I was going for the ball" The Winner Goal 1 of a 2-1 win v Sthn Tablelands U12 Reps Corner - v Sthn Tablelands U12s Reps Kick Off - v Sthn Tablelands U12 Reps Goulburn Trials 16/03/08 v Sthn Tablelands U12 Reps at Goulburn 16/03/08 The little doers, 83% win rate in 2007 All Conquering Budgies Gold 2007 - Over 83% Win rate 15W - 3L GF84 GA 29 Retro Night 21/7/2007 Retro Night 21/7/2007 Retro Night 21/7/2007 Retro Night 21/7/2007 Alliance Grandfinal '07 Alliance Grandfinal '07 Alliance Grandfinal '07 Alliance Grandfinal '07 Alliance Grandfinal '07 Tired boys playing 2nd game as good sports Gave 10min game v kemps Joeys who had forfeit 1 Triple, 4 Double, 8 Hatricks playing 6 part games in goal Liam scores 1 Triple Hatrick, 4 Double Hatricks & 8 Hatricks despite spending part of 6 games in the All 9 boys of the team The Boys & Coach for 2007 All 9 players of the team At their request, gave their boys a run Erwin and Brendan Riley prepares to take off Will Liam make 75 goals for the season? R14 v Chipping Norton ready for action!!!!!!!!!!!!! Warm up Goal # 12? 13? 14? Rhys' save R14 Start of game v Chipping Norton Peter Pete's header ... for another goal The Supporters Brodes Daniel Committed parents braving the early starts all season Liam enjoying burying another one in the net!!! Budgies Gold in action Liam enjoying burying another one in the net for the season!!!!!!!!!! Victor almost scoring goal no 3 for season 07' For the 2nd week in a row, Jakob slots home 1 in the dying seconds Nursery Budgies Gold displaying good sportmanship Budgies Gold v Smithfield RSL Nursery Budgies Gold v Smithfield RSL Kick off Lucky Budgies Gold Autographs Tim Cahill & Dave Carney Liam scoring goal 54 of 59 in 11 games playing in attack Liam Curran Goal 54 of 59 Caleb in attack Cameron in goals Timmy after scoring a fantastic goal Goal Sneak Team Hug Luke Scores I would like to thank my sponsors Nicola wins the high jump Look, Up In The Sky Christian in goals Joshua's corner Blake stopping a goal Bailey's corner Aiden scoring one of his fantastic goals Two On One Hawks Attack Agent "T" Trent gets some close attention Not the greatest celebration of all time On his way to setting up the first goal Celebrating yet another goal Brendon makes a great save Or is someone telling a dirty joke? Goal Number 4 Flying High Changeover Proud Manager & Coach John on the burst Flying High Jeremy Shoots Mature young gentlemen - not! Good teammanship Colour coordinated boots Not the scariest of nicknames The team! (absent = Aidan Zolikick coming up! Classic Nikola Oi! Oi! Oi! Another goal! May'07. Licences to second group presented. May'07. Licences presented Me and Dad Daniella and Kris 2nd half chat with our Team Macot Zac scoring Zolika shows his new move - the Zolikick Tayler lines up to score Chris is flying Andrew Scoring Andrew scoring Hamish tackling hard Peter scores the winner with Riley close by Photo Of The Year Michael Scores Jeremy and James Our First Team Photo Number one for the day Safety In Numbers Gravity wins one minute to go one minute to go one minute to go one minute to go one minute to go U/6 Soccer Team MSSC New Banner The fun begins.. Glenn and Tracey Maree and Gordan Have a look at the empty bottles! Smile for the camera John and Donna Minor Premiers O35's Junior League Goal Keeper of the Year - Brett Easton Junior League Coach of the Year Brett accepting his award Junior League Player of the Year Special Recognition Award to Annette Krause Junior League Best Attacking Team Award Gordan and Phil accepting best defensive award Junior League Best Defensive Team Chris accepting the award for O35's Mario and Rale Rasic John accepting the award for U11's Minor Premiers U11 Minor Premiers U9 Windy Presentation Day Windy Presentation Day The Mighty Over 35s and their addoring fans VICTORY LAP SOAKING UP THE GLORY Presentation We are the champions Coach Munur in Action No.2 Coach Munur in Action John beats his man again John beats his man again Moorebank stops another attack Jeremy wins another challenge Victory Lap Boys  you've done us proud Victory Lap on home ground Smiles all round on this team Lets Get This Party Start Everybody Out! Party Time Heads or Tails The Pack The Squad U6 Koala Blues Danieladinho Award Time Mark has left the keeper clutching at air as he prepares to score(keeper not included) Wayney scores his fifth for the day Gary and his magic left foot and Steve "the axe" beat anothe player SLEEPING BEAUTY IS DREAMING OF HER PRINCE CHARMING...OR WAS THAT ANOTHER SHOT SAMY G MODELS THE LOVELY RANGE OF HEADBANDS AVAILABLE Jake and Michael defending the ball The Perfect Stance for a throw-in Warming up.. if they come back this way Eadin with Daniel squaring off Getting ready to take a shot Can I touch the ball please? Ready, Set, Go! Were the defenders scared? G & G Dance Night Green & Gold Dance Night G & G Dance Night G & G Dance Night G & G Dance Night G & G Dance Night Green & Gold Dance Night Callan Air Riley Aydin and Andrew Cody and Milad  getting ready to fly Michael lines up a header Jake.T kicking Bailey gets in the action Great heading technique Mathew! Adam (man of match) celebrating a goal Incoming Luke punching it back up-field Take 27 for the Sport Plus Ladies Take 27 for the Sport Plus Ladies Back up Ladies,we've lost the ball 1 week after an elbow & still scoring goals Throw it like it's HOT Elaine,Ekkie,Sandra,John Almost got there first Head up Jess, You finally scored!!!!! Peta & Kahli hold off Bringelly/Barnsey looks for Louise This is why weekend sport is essential Lorraine got attacked by a mutant permanent marker!! Instead of getting knocked out she got ... umm ....up! Brandon on the move Tumen Tugce The Team Mascot JACK BREWER Brendan and Anthony get ready to take 'em' on HUH! 7  AGAINST 2 Jack takes a moment to juggle See! the ball has to go behind your head Sweeper and defenders stand at attention! Are they dreaming of winning or their nice warm beds? Hamzah speaks no evil, Shimon hears no evil, Jack sees no evil Ready Ref! Anthony Sarofeem Jake dispatching a pass under pressure Matthew and Jake pressuring with teamwork Daniel playing a tricky move Adam General play - Adam Kicking Daniel on the attack Adam, Michael, Jake closing down, backed by Luke, Blake and Bailey On the attack. Blake covering his man Matt showing his slide kicks Daniel and Jake working together Time for a Hoe Down... Swing your partner round and round Jack.D throwing in from the far side Eadin going wide on the attack Moorebank Score! Jake - Man of the match Nugget blasting the ball Nugget (Michael) in defence Team on Team Mitchell kicking upfield, or is it at the coach? (just joking) Matt on the attack Adam moving across field Jake.T switching play Daniel turning play Jackson launching his kick, bombs away! I've got it.. No I've got it... No I've got it Jake says "Take that" 2 Superstars resting today Go you little Pocket Rocket No AC, you can't have the ball First to the ball Well cleared yet again Bad luck AC, we've got you covered Throw it to me If I fly, will I go faster Hold that line ladies Great team communication On the attack Great Clearance Great controll under pressure The most sought after position for the over 35's Keith breaks his scoring drought Pass it to the guy on stilts in the goal mouth Ryan, Milad and Daniel celebrate a late winner This is what elbows do to heads Chris shows his determination With AC marked tight our sweeper (Sam Mendonca) turns on the attack Please make the cramp go away Dance Anyone Another shot foiled Ladies showing sportsmanship Great ball control Your not going anywhere Not Happy Last minute save by Chippo Is it coffee time yet? Chippo lends a hand Is it over yet? Hard work on the bench Tucker Tuff Kahli breaks away again Does the referee need a hand with the whistle? Goal Kick by Kelly Arpad gets a new follower Bradley and Nick on the run Riley practicing for Dancing With The Stars Keep chasing boys That "use your head" pep talk really works Jackson lining up a shot Blake making sure he keeps the ball Adam and Eadin doing what they do best Waiting for the ball at the back, it didnt come there too often Eadin hits it straight to the goalie! Four attackers with one defender MATTHEW HUGHES First to the ball?? Rebecca determined to get that ball! Darlene also showing us how a proper throw in is done Danielle takes control of the ball Ben Groucutt JACK LILLY Alex doing a few extra stretches during the game ANTHONY AND MATTHEW HEAD  UP TO SCORE A GOAL MATTHEW SHOWS DETERMINATION RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING Nathan rises above the pack THIS IS WHY TEAM COMMUNICATION IS ESSENTIAL IN SOCCER!!! World Cup as viewed at Circular Quay Riley floors another opponent Chris, Luke and Milad in action Keith and Wayne in a close contest. The solid Moorebank defence Daniel scoring his first goal of the year John and David check out the action Ryan and Ryan on an attacking raid Jeremy scores his first ever goal Bradley beats three on the way to goal Hamish scoring his first for the season The boys repelled another Freeman attack Andrew beats his marker What a bunch of winners Keith scores while lying down on the job Dave rates the team performance with a "thumbs up" Another one bites the dust Life Members of MSSC Phil Sampson, President